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Microstar Biotech Inc. (MSB) was incorporated in 1999 by Dr. Daniel Yang to develop a platform for the overexpression of proteins. Dr. Yang is a Biochemistry professor at McMaster University since 1988. He is a protein crystallographer best known for his work on ice-binding proteins (antifreeze/ice-structuring protein) from fish and plant as well as the bone-binding protein osteocalcin. At MSB, Dr. Yang applied his years of experience in the over-expression of antifreeze proteins and osteocalcin to the production of crystalline cellulose-binding protein cellulase as well as other industrial enzymes.


The four important technology assets of MSB are: 1) a highly efficient targeted genetic transformation technique that can place genetic material at any chromosomal locations in Trichoderma reesei, 2) a strain of Trichoderma reesei (T.reesei MSB-12593)  that has the growth phenotype of a typical wildtype Trichoderma reesei (e.g. CBS999.97) but with protein excretion capacity far superior to that of a typical industrial strain (e.g. Rut-C30). This is the result of years of research using molecular techniques such as genetic transformation and sexual crossing, 3) an automated solid-state fermentation setup for the production of proteins using Trichoderma reesei, and 4) a propriety process for enzyme immobilization.


Our current focus is on developing overexpression clones for the production of industrial enzymes. We currently have clones that can produce large quantities of 1) Cellulases, 2) beta-glucosidase, 3) alpha-amylase, 4) glucoamylase, 5) trypsin, 6) aspartic protease, 7) rhmanosidase, 8) pectinase, 9) chitinase, 10) chitosanase, 11) acetyl xylan esterase, 12) xylosidase, 13) beta-mannanase, 14) mannosidase, 15) cutinase, and 16) lysozyme.




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