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Freeze protectant for fruits and vegetables

Improving the cold tolerance of fruits and vegetables has been one of our research and development areas. Currently, we have developed a formula that can protect your high value and important commercial crops from the stress of cold weathers. Some crops are transplanted usually in the early spring and will often be subjected to cold stress during this period when the weather temperature can sometimes fluctuates erratically. Some crops will have a late harvest in the mid autumn, again, they might be exposed to cold stress when the cold weathers can set in much earlier. As a result, early production may be loss, non-uniformity in production may occur, and lower yields may arise. In order to tackle this problem, growers and farmers need a reliable and effective, cost effective and yet simple to use protectant. Our product is a non-toxic liquid based spray that can be applied directly to the fruits and vegetables surfaces or to the seeds during the germination period. The number of times required to applying the spraying is minimal and will not occupy to much time of the growers. You do not need to have the genes of your fruits and vegetables to be altered to achieve cold tolerant effect. Please feel free to contact us to obtain more information on this product.     


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